Area Qualifier


2019 Big Air LLAQ


Reminder, gates will not be open Thursday!

Helpful Links 

2019 National Class List

2019 Supplemental Rules 

Friday – May 17th

  • Gates open at 2pm – Midnight
  • Registration will be open from 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • NO Friday Practice

Saturday –May 18th

  • Gates open at 7:00am – Midnight
  • Registration will be open from 7:00am
  • Practice will begin at 9:00am
  • Racing will immediately follow Practice (No Late Practice)

Sunday – May 19th

  • Gates open at 7:00am – End of Race Day
  • Registration will be open from 7:00am-
  • Practice will begin at 9:00am
  • Racing will begin immediately following Practice (No Late Practice)

Event Information:

Weekend Gate Fees/Parking Procedures

Spectators 12 & Up
Friday – Sunday $20.00/per person
Saturday – Sunday $20.00/per person
Sunday Only $10.00/per person

Kids 4-11
Friday-Sunday $10.00/per person
Saturday-Sunday $10.00/per person
Sunday Only $5.00/per person

You will be charges for the entire weekend on the day you arrive. Refunds will be given at the gate for the days you will not be attending provided you leave prior to 8pm. You must have your gate wristband on in order to receive a refund.

Come prepared – Non-potable water is available on site. If you require fresh water plan accordingly and stop prior to your arrival.

Race Fees

  • Saturday & Sunday Racing Fee is $30.00 per class/per day – This does not include the MX Sports Class Fee.
  • Some classes will qualify on Saturday and some will qualify on Sunday But we will run all D14 Classes both days.
  • Please click the 2019 National Class List link to see which classes qualify each day.
Racer Information


  • The last 5 digits of your frame number will be required for registration the day of the event.
  • We will run district 14 classes on Saturday & Sunday.
  • You may run both days weather you are trying to qualify or not.
  • NO Refunds will be given once racing starts.
  • All Classes will race a 2 Moto format. Both motos will count towards your overall finish position.
  • If there are over 40 riders in any class, we will split the first motos into divisions. If 2 divisions are required, we will take the top 16 finish positions to the 2nd moto. The remaining racers will then be combined into an LCQ to be held at the completion of all first motos. We will then take the top 8 finish positions of the LCQ to the 2nd moto. All other racers who remain will not be eligible to compete any further. Your LCQ finish position will not count towards your first moto finish, it is only used to determine your eligibility to compete in the final moto.
  • All Minors MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or accompanied by an adult with a NOTARIZED permission slip. We must be able to retain the original document.
  • Tune your radio to 93.3 FM for announcements.

Track Rules:

  • Must wear wrist bands at all times
  • No Pit bikes ½ hour after last moto NO EXCUSES. Anyone under 16 must wear helmet.
  • Must be 16 to operate golf cart
  • Must use fire ring for fires (Available by dumpster) Small campfires are allowed, No digging, No burning of nail inserted wood products.
  • Used oil must be dumped in containers
  • Gates close at midnight
  • Quiet time is 11pm, please respect your neighbors – All loud generators must be turned off
  • No Fireworks
  • No trespassing on neighbors property
  • All pets must be on a leash, All pets must be friendly, Please clean up after your pets. Barking and unruly dogs will be asked to leave
  • NO motorcycles allowed in spectator areas.